The last year has taken a toll on our bodies and immunity. We have come to realize that no matter how strong or healthy we think we are there is a good chance we can still being prone to viruses and infections. The new strains of the covid-19 are said to be affecting younger people more. That is a clear sign that the concept of young and healthy is not even comparable against the severity of the virus.

While boosting yourself with vitamins has not proven to avoid you catching the virus, a stronger immune system does help to fight it off better. During times when we are restricted to our homes, with limited exercise and new strains coming up every day, it is important to find ways to keep healthy and boost overall health. Here are some simple ways of doing so.

Dose up on vitamin D

Vitamin D is the vitamin we get from the morning sun, is what we have been taught since school and that is exactly how you get it. When exposed to the morning sun your skin absorbs vitamin D that helps in building immunity.

However, with isolation and many people living in compact, closed places that do not have that much availability to the sun, it is important to dose up on it through taking capsules of vitamin D. The dosage changes depending on age so check with a Doctor beforehand. Vitamin D is vital to increase blood flow and reduce fatigue. Without sufficient vitamin D you will feel as though your body is lagging and does not have energy.

Veggies are a must

We all have the particular greens we do not enjoy eating but funnily enough that is probably the one we need the most. Greens are rich in vitamins and minerals ensuring our bodies are packed with the necessary antibodies. Different greens help in digestion, bowel movement, iron and other operations of the body.

If you dislike eating greens you might want to consider Nutra organics. There are different types of sealed foods rich in necessary vitamins and minerals. They taste better than the leafy greens and are much more consume friendly.

Limit fatty, oily and sugary foods

Isolation and quarantine have been the one time most of us tried baking, cooking and everything unhealthy although we did throw in a few healthy recipes in. it is important to maintain a balance in everything we consume so therefore it is vital to stay away from consuming too much fatty, oily and sugary foods.

The main reason for this being you are unable to burn the carbs. Consuming too much of these foods and not being able to exercise can make you feel lethargic and uncomfortable. It is best to consume whole grain and foods rich in proteins as well, as they help in digestion and do not make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Maintaining a healthy eating habit will boost overall health while still staying in isolation.


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