Author: Elenora Girard


Types of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has been practiced for centuries and it’s still popular. This form of practice aims to reach the healing that has been attained with medicine although this practice is not backed up by research. These have not been tested or is untestable. Some people still resort to these sorts […]


Role of The Nurse and Specialties in Nursing

Love and compassion are beautiful traits of human being, these emotions are the ones that make doing whatever we do worthwhile. Nursing is one of the professions that is perfect for those who love to care and tend to others. Working in the health sector is not an easy job […]


How to Solve Your Dental Issues?

There are a wide range of solutions available for dental issues today. Everyone will have their daily routine practice of dental care, which they have grown up exercising since they were small. Parents would guide children to brush their teeth everyday and ensure that they do them with complete concentration […]