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Local Schools, Local Decisions

Local Schools, Local Decisions is a huge educational reform focused on ensuring that we put students at the heart of everything we do.

Local Schools, Local Decisions is about students; making sure that students in NSW are placed at the centre of all decision making.

Teachers and principals understand the learning needs of their students and we trust them to make the decisions based on that understanding.

We will work and collaborate with all key stakeholder groups to develop the state-wide policy framework that will provide the details to make this reform happen.

We know that quality teaching is at the heart of exceptional school education.

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Literacy & Numeracy Action Plan

The NSW Liberals & Nationals made a strong commitment to improving the literacy and numeracy of students in NSW.

Under the expert leadership of Dr Ken Boston AO, the Advisory Group has recommended a plan of action to boost the literacy and numeracy of students in NSW and those recommendations will now be implemented.

The key recommendations of the Advisory Group are:

  • Early identification of the level of attainment in literacy and numeracy of each individual child and tailoring a specific program of learning to that child’s needs;
  • Change in teaching practice from a focus on the whole class to a focus on the needs of the individual student; and,
  • Using tiered interventions according to need where remediation in literacy or numeracy is needed.

The change to the focus on the needs of individual students will involve three key elements:

  • Personalised learning;
  • Diagnostic assessment; and,
  • Teacher professional development in the classroom under the direction of an instructional leader.

In Government schools, we will provide funding for the appointment of 50 hands-on Instructional Leaders in the public schools with the greatest need, with the first five appointed by the end of May 2012.

Ministerial Action Group - Report on the Outcomes of Consultation

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Every Student, Every School

In March 2012, the NSW Government announced that more than 100,000 NSW school students with disability would have greater access to classroom support and specialised equipment following $63 million from the Federal Government’s More Support for Students with Disabilities National Partnership.

Of this $63 million:

  • $47.9 million will flow to the NSW Government sector (where more than 90,000 students with disabilities, learning difficulties or additional behaviour needs are enrolled in over 2,200 schools),
  • $11.3 million will be for Catholic schools and
  • $3.8 million for over 35 mainstream and special independent schools.

This National Partnership of $47.9 million feeds into the NSW Government’s initiative Every Student, Every School.

Every Student, Every School includes the existing funding of $1.18 billion that the NSW Government already provides for students with a disability.

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Connected Communities

Connected Communities is a strategy to drive improved education outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people. The strategy – an Australian first – will be delivered through 15 schools in some of NSW’s most complex and disadvantaged communities. 


Connected Communities schools will be given unprecedented authority to tailor education to students’ needs.  The schools will become community hubs to deliver a range of services from birth, through school, to further training and employment.

This strategy will allow individual schools to work in partnership with Aboriginal leaders in the local community to help improve education outcomes for young Aboriginal people.

The principals in these schools will become the most highly paid in NSW.  Schools will work closely with the community to develop and implement strategies that will work for them.



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