Osteopathy is a non-invasive therapy that is widely used nowadays to treat several health issues such as chronic body pain, postural problems, and nervous system symptoms. This therapy basically originated from America and has been developed continuously through the years.

In osteopathy, the therapist doesn’t only focus on the problematic part but provides a whole-body approach to bring back the balance in the patient’s body systems. It is non-invasive and involves a hands-on approach in treating health conditions. This includes massage, light pressure, stretching and resistance which are mainly focused on muscles, bones and joints.

Osteopathy is used to provide relief and treatment from conditions such as arthritis, lower back pain, posture problems, headaches, and neuralgia. Here are some of the benefits one can experience after the therapy.

Holistic Treatment

Unlike other therapies, osteopathy aims to bring back the balance in a person’s overall body systems. It doesn’t focus on the affected part only because they believe that each part or system in our body is related with all the other systems. Problems in a certain part can affect the other systems in one way or another.

Boosts Immunity

Osteopathic manipulation involves techniques like massage, stretching and light pressure. These techniques are proven to promote the flow of lymph and release of immune cells. With this, people who regularly undergo an osteopathy session are seen to have higher immunity against stress and respiratory infections. Book an appointment now at your local osteopath in Long Beach to experience the many benefits of this therapy.

Lighter Approach in Treatment

Unlike in massage therapy which uses deep muscle pressure to address problems, osteopathy only uses a lighter approach. Osteopathy is more focused on manipulating the muscles, bones and joints to treat injuries such as strains, muscle pain and many more. Therapists are more subtle and gentle in doing this technique to avoid injuring the patient.

Effective for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the common reasons why people seek for osteopathic care. In general, most of the patients report that their back pain is significantly decreased after the therapy session. This is basically helpful among people who experience chronic back pain and other body aches that are either stress-induced or caused by physical factors. It is also proven to be an effective remedy against headaches and migraines and helps promote relaxation to reduce stress.

No Equipment Used

Unlike other therapies that use equipment such as ultrasound machines, osteopathy therapists only use their hands in treating their patients. They gently move and manipulate the muscles and joints to free up the tension. They feel the tissues with every massage and slowly learn how to bring back the balance in them.

Osteopathy is not a new thing in the field of medicine today. It has been used way back many years ago and slowly developed through time to keep up with modern therapies. Be sure to choose only a licensed osteopathic physician or therapist for a safe treatment session.

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