Feeling down is something most of us would have gone through, or we are going through. It’s the natural way how our body reacts when some upsetting thing takes place in or life, it may be losing a job, a failing marriage or loss of a loved one.

Depression is not just feeling down, it’s a state of low mood and low state of activity. According to DSM 5 any of the five symptoms should persist for more than two weeks, of which at least one symptom should be depressed mood all day or for most of the day or loss of pleasure in doing any activity, the other symptoms are weight loss, slowing down of the thoughts, loss of energy and recurrent suicidal thoughts

The cause of depression may be linked to tragic events, certain medication, hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiency. Therefore, to diagnose depression other causes must be ruled out. Once the other causes are ruled out or if you are sure that the reason is due to some other situation talk to a psychologist

Research About Depression

To know more about the condition, try to do some research that way you are not in the dark about your condition and this would also help you in reaching a better understanding. But when researching make sure you go through authentic resources

Talk To A Professional

Most of us are shy about opening up but there is nothing wrong with wanting to talk. If you have nowhere to turn to, go to bulk bill psychologists in Perth. They can help you deal with what you are going through.

Various psychologists have different ways of dealing, you can get medications or talk therapy, which is devoid of side effects.There are various talk therapy like CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy where the therapist finds out along with you the things that disturb you and try to change all those negative thoughts, this way is even more effective than taking medication and doesn’t have any adverse effect.

Another type of therapy is dialectal behavior therapy, another form of CBT that focuses on negative behavior and helps you develop the skills needed to adapt to the stressful situation. Interpersonal psychotherapy that focuses on how the mood affects the relationship with others this kind of therapy is most useful in mild to moderate depression

If you wish to take medication you can talk to your doctor too but make sure you ask about the duration, the side effects it’s best to stick to other forms of therapy.

Alternative Therapy

Trying alternative therapy, like art therapy or acupuncture along with other treatment method, music can help boost mood, art therapy that help vent all your emotions on a canvas or a paper.

Lifestyle Modifications

It’s very important to get a good, sleeping for eight hours is essential, disturbed sleep cycle only increases the negative mood but someone with altered sleep cycle may have problems falling asleep. You can talk about this with your therapist and they would be able to help you achieve good sleep.

Engaging in doing physical activity has shown to increase serotonin which is low in people who are depressed. This is almost as effective as serotonin reuptake inhibitors. You can join with your friends to do some activities or play a sport this helps to stay in focus and occupied.

Eating healthy has a major impact, reduce your intake of sugar, fast food and processed food, and increase the intake of fruit and vegetable.

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