Once we lose our milk teeth during childhood, we are left with a set of teeth which should last our lifetime. Our teeth not only help us to chew food which makes the process of swallowing easier but can also make up for a beautiful smile! As we age, inevitably we will lose all our teeth, but this process must be delayed as much as we can. To delay the process we must take good care of our teeth in the ways mentioned below:

Practicing Good Dental Etiquette

Brushing teeth must not only be done daily but twice daily! Once in the morning and once before sleep is recommended. Choosing a good toothbrush and toothpaste is also important. The toothbrush must be changed every 3 months as its efficiency is found to reduce the longer we use it. And choosing a toothpaste with fluoride is found to be the best. Daily flossing should also be included in our dental routine. This will help get rid of all food particles in-between teeth that may not have been eliminated by simply brushing teeth.

Some are more prone to dental disease than others. For example, infants and children who are given bottle feed in the night to soothe them to sleep develop cavities more often than others. This can be avoided by always making them wash their mouths after feeds. Also, those who use inhalers for asthma can be guided to wash their mouths after they use the inhaler as this can help reduce the presence of steroids in the mouth predisposing them to infections.

Pay A Visit To Your Dentist On A Regular Basis    

A dentist is not only to be visited when you finally develop a symptom or sign of poor oral hygiene. Rather you must visit a dentist at least every 6 months according to wahroonga village dentistry.

Early diagnosis of diseases such as gum disease, cavities, and other problems will help the dentist to promptly manage them and avoid complications such as abscess formation or loss of teeth. You will not only be offered a full examination of your oral cavity but also a clean-up which would help get rid of all the excess plaques that can predispose you to cavities and other disease.

Practice A Healthy Lifestyle

Most diseases of the teeth are triggered by various environmental triggers due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Practices such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, betel chewing, consumption of food of high sugary content, a diet poor in fruits and vegetables can trigger disease of teeth. Newer studies have also found the importance of consumption of probiotics in oral and digestive health. Probiotics that are found in food such as yogurt, kefir, and kimchi contain bacteria that are healthy for us and will compete with the unhealthy bacteria in the body thus reducing them.

Teeth are important as you only get one set in your lifetime. It is always the best to avoid dental disease by following the above measures as it can end up saving you a lot of pain and suffering.

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