Are you one of those that have tried to lose weight every time someone commented on your size and failed within one week because your will power was too low and you couldn’t resist not eating that chocolate cupcake that your little sister got for you? Have you also simply blamed your weight because you have been diagnosed with a certain medical condition?

Well no more! This is because it is time to take in charge of your body, only you have the power and control to transform it just the way you have always dreamt of. So stop blaming your medications or your siblings, keep reading to find out how you can lose weight with your medical conditions. 

Speak To An Expert

A common mistake we all make is that we simply get on Google and become our own expert, this is completely wrong. This is because Google has open forums where people who are not even experts might give their opinion which might not be true. Just because a particular person kept gaining weight after being diagnosed with thyroid doesn’t mean it will repeat with you as well. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you can indulge in whatever you see simply because your body is unable to burn fat anyway. The best way to deal with such situations is going to an expert.

As a woman, our body goes through various phases within a span of 20-30 years. During our teenage years we start getting periods, then we give birth and finally towards the older age we hit the menopause after which we don’t get periods. There is a series of hormone fluctuations which is meant to transform our body either in a good or bad way. Before you hit menopause you might gain weight, for example, you will have a bloated stomach. It might be difficult to get rid of this weight by your usual diet and workout. So you could consult experts such as my menopause weight loss transformation. Unlike other dieticians, they prepare a diet and workout plan based on the hormonal issue that your body is going through. It also helps you educate about your body so do check them out.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

 A lot of us take weight gain too hard on ourselves, every time someone passes a rude comment on how we look we take it too hard by going on crash diets or not leaving the gym at all. These can be really dangerous and some of it might not even work unless you go to an expert because of the hormonal issue that your body is going through.

So try to ignore what your friends and family have to say about how you look because all of it doesn’t matter. What matters is you love yourself and are comfortable in your own skin. If you have any battles with your body then instead of taking it as a victim you should stand like a fighter and make sure that you get the dream body that you want because only you are control of your life.

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