There are numerous benefits to engaging in online therapy. First, it is convenient. With just a message or just by dialling a number or logging in to a website, you could avail of professional services from a therapist. For those living on rural areas or are physically incapable, they would not need to drive for hours just to visit a therapist’s office.

Second, it could be significantly more affordable making the necessary professional service available to more people. Third, online therapy is more flexible and preferred by most, especially those who wanted to keep it a secret from their family and friends that they are undergoing therapy.

With these advantages, no wonder more and more people are availing of this kind of therapy. If you are thinking of doing the same, check first the following to determine if online therapy is for you.

Be Wary

Since it is your mental health that is on the line, you have to be wary. When you are looking for the right online therapy website or app, you must be extra cautious. When you start your therapy, it is difficult to determine whether you are still talking to the therapist that is licensed or you are just talking to an assistant or any of the clinic staff. So, if you have determined that online therapy in Elsternwick is for you, choose a site to check the legitimacy. Or a site recommended by those you know so you would not have any doubt whether you are receiving the professional help that you need (and of course, paying for!).

Secure App or Website

Since you would be divulging important and confidential information, knowing if the app or website is secure could help you determine its legitimacy. Therapists know how important privacy is to their clients since sharing personal and painful stories is essential to their progress and development. If the patient does not feel secure sharing their thoughts and emotions, how would they improve? When you search for an app or a website for therapy, make sure that you choose one which could provide you with the experience as if you physically visited the therapist’s office.

Payment for The Service

It is one of the major concerns of almost everyone who do their business online, how secure is the payment services? Would the app or website be able to process your payment without jeopardizing your vital information such as bank details and charging you more than the service fee? There are insurance companies that also cover the expenses for therapy. If this is the case for your insurance, double check first if online therapy is covered otherwise, be prepared to pay for the service yourself.

Online therapy is still relatively new and there are still hesitations and doubts about its effectivity. Some combine this with the traditional way and are just messaging with or calling their therapists for a “quick session”. What works for others might not necessarily work for you so it is recommended that you try which one is more effective in your case.


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