Whenever a psychologist is present at a social gathering, there is certain to be at least one person who makes a joke about being the most difficult case ever seen or having their mind read. Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: telepathy is not within the purview of a psychologist’s field of expertise! In addition, psychologists go through years of schooling, but it is highly unlikely that a psychologist will scrutinize you or try to deceive you into participating in an unofficial therapy session.

Those who are not familiar with the field of psychology may find psychologists and therapy to be a little bit mysterious (as well as anxiety-inducing), which is why we decided to debunk some common fallacies that may act as a barrier to receiving services. If you want to seek some psychological advice, we recommend that you look into breakfreepsychologyservices.com.au

#1 The need for treatment is a symptom of one’s weakness. If you were involved in a vehicle accident and hurt your foot, would you regard it a show of weakness to seek medical attention or the assistance of a physiotherapist in order to heal? Because the symptoms of mental health problems aren’t as readily apparent as those of physical health problems, the need of receiving treatment for mental health issues is often overlooked. It takes strength and bravery to acknowledge that you are having difficulties and to seek assistance but doing so is the very first step toward leading a life that is healthier and happier.

#2 Seeing a psychologist is reserved for those who have “severe” issues related to their mental health. There is a broad spectrum of reasons why people consult with psychologists. It is true that those living with more persistent psychological issues are more likely to seek the advice of psychologists, but people coping with transitory events also go to mental health specialists to help them find ways to manage their concerns. Many┬ápatients who seek help are trying to cope with changing life roles, loss, stress, trauma, or challenges in their job or relationships.

#3 Antidepressants are going to be prescribed to me by psychologists. This is a resounding nay in the land down under (Australia). Although psychologists are not qualified to write prescriptions for any drug, they are able to assist you in determining if antidepressants or other medicines may be of use to you in the short- or long-term management of your problems.

#4 We will be talking a lot about my upbringing in therapy. Our mental and emotional state in the present is often influenced by the connections and events of our past. It may be necessary to investigate your upbringing in order to have a better understanding of your present circumstances, but this will depend on the reason(s) for why you are visiting a psychologist. While some therapy procedures delve into the past with more specificity than others, you and your psychologist should talk about your requirements and choose the most effective way to personalize treatment.


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