Love and compassion are beautiful traits of human being, these emotions are the ones that make doing whatever we do worthwhile. Nursing is one of the professions that is perfect for those who love to care and tend to others. Working in the health sector is not an easy job but surely worth it.

Nursing is a profession within the health sector that mainly involves caring and tending to a patient mainly in ensuring, attaining and helping in recovering the health of the patient. Nurses are different from the professionals involved in the health care setting by the fact that they are taught a different approach to patients and the services they provide can also be different.

What does a nurse do?

Even within nursing, there are various levels. They are often found following the authority of the physician which has given an altered view of their profession. Contrary to this a nurse is allowed to practice on their own according to many jurisdictions. You can take up a nursing course in Australia, if you want to pursue this career.

The answer to this is not specific because nurses can be involved in a variety of work which can be varying from making acute treatment decisions to going to school to carry out inoculations of students. Some of the things they do to list are:


They work hand in hand with the healthcare team to provide effective care and treatment and also to perform some procedures.


Usually, it is the nurse that builds a close relationship with the patient and are directly involved in handling the patient. Ensuring medications are given on time or checking on their status now and then and attending to the patient if he or she needs anything. They should be able to attend to their patient regardless of their social status, religion or caste and should show understanding towards the patient.

Instructing about technology

In this technology driven world there are many things that can be done using tech. You can now use apps to monitor blood pressure, glucose or any other information and it is upon the nurse to help the patient with understanding the use of it.


Nurses can be assigned to different kinds of patients. Some old, some with certain conditions and nurses can extend care using their knowledge about the particular conditions and help manage with it.

Specialties in nursing

Just like how there are specialties within other professions for example a doctor can specialize in cardiology, family medicine, emergency and etc. In the same way nursing also has a variety of options available.

Registered nurse

This is a category in which you will be involved in delivering patient care, advising patients and the public about different medical conditions. You can opt for this if you are looking to work in the medical field.

Cardiac nurse

If you are interested in heart related issues.

Others are certified registered nurse anaesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, critical care nurse, ER nurse, family nurse practitioner and so on.


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