We all experience aches and pains here and there in our bodies once in a while. However, some of these aches can last longer than usual, and may require specialist treatment. Doctors can prescribe painkillers for some forms of aches. But treating most muscle and joint aches involve going to physiotherapy.

Your doctor may recommend it as part of a treatment plan. Then again, some patients take home remedies without knowing that they actually need a physiotherapist. Your injury can get worse if you avoid the proper treatment. So here are the obvious signs that say you need to see a physiotherapist right away:

Old Injury Keeps Flaring Up

Did a part of your body get injured years ago? Most injuries heal completely over time. However, some may continue to ache for years afterwards. This can happen if the original injury never really healed properly. In some cases, the old injury may have strained a joint or a tendon, so that you experience aching for years afterward.

You definitely need to go see a physiotherapist regarding such injuries that tend to flare up. Some people don’t go to the doctor for old injuries. It’s recommended that you do though. But it just might be better to see a physiotherapist. This type of treatment targets specific parts of the body to address chronic aching issues.

Don’t try to ignore these flare ups and don’t resort to dubious supplements to treat it. Find a good physiotherapist in your area and start a program that would completely eliminate those flare ups.

Chronic Pain

Chronic aching, especially of back, neck, or joints, is well documented and mentioned about among patients. It’s very difficult to treat chronic aching with conventional medicine. There’s no pill you can swallow to make your neck hurt less. Rather, as doctors often recommend, you need to go see a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy treatment programs address the root cause of aches.  For example, if your spinal area is always hurting, it could be because of terrible posture when you use the computer. Physiotherapists can help you address the core issue at hand. If it gives that all you need is a good massage, then local service providers like back pain Geelong treatment can help you in that regard as well. But first, you need to seek therapy.

Exercising Won’t Help

Some doctors recommend exercising, particularly of muscle building category, to help with chronic pains in certain body parts. In some cases, you may not notice any improvements even if you follow all the instructions to the dot.

Exercising could fail to address the problem if an unrelated issue like bad posture causes your aching. You just could be using a bad chair. Whatever the reason may be, a physiotherapist can give you an accurate diagnosis and come up with a reliable treatment plan.

Reliable physiotherapy practitioners employ a variety of techniques to cure aches. When exercising doesn’t work, you can get recommendations for treatments that might work for you. 

You need to go to a physiotherapist if your doctor recommends it. Unlike at the GP’s office, the physiotherapist can start a treatment program right away. You can benefit many treatments to see what works as well. So use the above suggestions to find a physiotherapist and get rid of your aches forever.

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