The filling after a heavy meal can be quite nice, it goes to say that you have really enjoyed your food and are feeling quite stuffed. However once that initial feeling dies down then is usually when you start to feel quite uncomfortable. However, many people experience bloating and heaviness that is not only caused due to a big meal.

Constipation and irregular bowel movement are all reasons as to why your stomach can feel bloated, heavy and overall, very uncomfortable. There are quite a few reasons this can happen, bad or unhealthy food intake that doesn’t help the digestion process, medication that contributes to constipation and an unhealthy lifestyle are some reasons. However just like everything there are solutions to these problems that are either home remedies or over the counter.

Exercise and stretch

Working out or being physical feels like the solution to many things so if you hate any form of exercise, you are probably going ‘not again’, on the contrary you not working out can also be the reason to your bloating and indigestion. Walking, light exercise or doing a few yoga poses can help ease the heaviness in your stomach and help the digestion process. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is quite a common illness but constipation is equally as annoying and uncomfortable.

Over the counter gas relief tablets

These might actually be a suggestion that can be used a few times. This tablet will help loosen up the contents of your stomach and ease bowel movement. However, this many not be a long-term solution as it can react with the body. If you continue to have bloating and constipation then you should probably visit your doctor, it can mean some type of sickness which will need to be tested.

Increase your fibre and water intake

Too much starch in your diet could be a big reason as to why you are feeling bloated. It is important to have fibre in your diet that comes from oats and certain vegetables that are essential in a diet. A healthy intake of fibres can ease digestion and bowel movement. Other substitutes are vitamin intakes.

Tea and essential oils

Having herbal teas are known to have a good effect on the body. Herbal teas not only increase mood and immunity but it is great for digestion. Laxative teas are also quite common in order to ease bloating and constipation. If you want to know how laxative tea can help, it has a few benefits. Just like consuming a laxative tablet or liquid, the tea will loosen the contents of your stomach, helping you pass bowels.

It is less harmful than a laxative liquid and may not cause too much confusion to the body. It is definitely one of the best short-term solutions to constipation that has an immediate and harmless effect. You might have to continue to drink it consecutively over a period of a few days in order to help the digestion and stomach bloating.


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